Prescription Service

CRC Drugs offers low wait times, competitive rates and accepts all insurances and is conveniently located within our centre. The pharmacy speaks directly with your CRC Health Centre physicians to assist you with your prescriptions and promptly handle any prescription issue. CRC Drugs offers free delivery services (if you are located in Richmond) so you can receive your medications without leaving home. CRC Drugs also provide other services, including vaccinations (flu, HPV, pneumonia etc.), medication blister packs, free medication review and diabetes consultation by our Certified Diabetes Educator.

Quick Physician Communication: we directly work with CRC physicians to address your concerns quicky

Low Wait Time: we are well-staffed to prepare medications quickly

Free Delivery: you can receive medications at no extra cost from home, if the address is within Richmond

Competitive Pricing: low dispensing fee accepts PharmaCare / private insurances

Smoke Cessation: we offer free Nictotine Replacement Therapy (NET) to help you quit

Pharmacy Services

Medication Review

Free medication review: we can do a thorough review of your medications with you to ensure they are right for you

Packaged Medication

Blisterpack: we sort your medications into bubble packs and deliver to you monthly at no extra cost.

Vaccination Service

Vaccinations: we offer public/private vaccines like Flu Shot, HPV, Pneumonia etc with minimal wait time