Purpose, Vision & Value

Mission Statement

Purpose, Vision & Value – CRC Health Centre Clinic

Core Values

CRC is guided by three principles: Communication, Collaboration, and Professionalism. We strive to provide excellent healthcare services to the community, build meaningful connections, and make positive changes within the Canadian medical health care system. 

Through our multidisciplinary approach, we aim to optimize the delivery and improve the accessibility of health care with the utilization of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and consolidation of various health care services.

CRC’s Story

CRC Health Centre was founded in 2015 by our owner, Tom Li. Upon recognizing how a traditional family practice is operated and the increasing gap between the demand for health care and the available resources, he envisioned a multidisciplinary health centre where the accesses for various medical services can be integrated to one central location, and one that can provide care in a more efficient manner through the provision of Electronic Medical Record systems. 

Our medical director, Dr. Siu Him Chan, who shares the same vision, joined the CRC team in 2016 and has since been an avid supporter of CRC. Together, CRC grew exponentially and has now expanded the centre to our current Cambie location