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Prescription and Review
Check in with a pharmacist
Getting better from minor annoyances.

You can now consult a pharmacist
for minor illnesses and get
medical advises or prescription
if suitable.

Medical Review
Medical review
Get updates on if
the current prescription you are taking
is the most appropriate.
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Get medication without leaving your home.

CRC Health Centre
Home Care
Care from Professional, At Home
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If you or your family...

Medical Review
Medical review

You will be under the care of our multi-displinary team of:

  • Pharmacists,
  • Nurses,
  • Physicians
  • (Cardiologists,
  • Our team is multilingual in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, ensuring seamless communications.
CRC Home Care

From the comfort of your home, our professional nurses will:

  • provide/witness medications oral pills
  • injectables (eg. insulins) inhalers
    transdermal patches eyedrops
  • measure vital signs
  • monitor side effects (eg. blood pressure, blood sugar, weight…etc) 
  • chronic medical conditions
  • record real-time data (eg. mental and behavioural changes) 
  • provide ongoing support for patient independence at home