What vaccines should I get when studying in Canada?

We need to put a lot of preparation into studying in Canada, especially for some students who lack prior expertise. When we enter an unfamiliar environment, we need to take further measures and precautions to protect ourselves, including selecting the appropriate vaccines; therefore, this article will go through the numerous immunizations you may get in Canada to protect yourself from various diseases.

Covid Vaccine

If you have been fully vaccinated with two doses of Sinopharm or Kexing 14 days before entering Canada, or any vaccine approved by the Canadian health department. You can enter Canada without quarantine, and you can get a booster shot to prevent infection. (At least 6 months from the most recent vaccination date)

First register a BC vaccine account and upload the previous vaccination records. Bring a piece of ID such as your passport, drivers’ license or health card to CRC Pharmacy. 

GetVaccinatedBC website: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/translation/sc/booster

(GetVaccinatedBC telephone offers multilingual service)

HPV vaccine

The primary purpose of the HPV vaccination is to prevent human papillomavirus infection, which lowers the risk of cervical cancer and other cancers. Although HPV does not impact boys as much as it affects girls, it can still cause problems with the male reproductive system. 

In China, the HPV vaccine is a vaccine that is “difficult to find.” However, when you arrive in Canada, you can visit CRC Pharmacy at any time to get immunized at a low cost. Males aged 9 to 26 and women aged 19 to 45 do not require a prescription; all other age groups must consult a doctor and obtain a prescription prior to receiving the vaccination.

Influenza Vaccine

Getting vaccinated is the greatest way to prevent the flu. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between covid and the flu, especially after the emergence of the new variant; however, when the flu vaccination is administered, it also provides strong self-defense. 

Every year, CRC Pharmacy administrates flu vaccines intravenously between October of the current year to February or March of the following year. The cost is also very affordable. The provincial health department of BC will soon publish the date for the flu shot so keep an eye on CRC’s social media accounts to find out when it will be announced.

Hepatitis B vaccine

In China, three immunizations are used to prevent hepatitis B virus infection. The first vaccination is administered between two and five days after birth, the second one between one and two months, and the third one between six months and one and a half years of age. 

Although there is no specific advice for hepatitis B booster shots, some individuals who have received the vaccine see a loss of antibodies over time. If you have immunosuppression, you can visit CRC Pharmacy to request a test then travel to a specialist facility for testing. Based on the antibody situation, you can visit CRC Pharmacy for an injection.

After reading the above, do you have an idea of what vaccinations to get? If you do, CRC Pharmacy will help you make an appointment for your next vaccinations! 

CRC Pharmacy is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. CRC Health Centre walk-in clinic hours are from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30am to 3pm and Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

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