Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

Say Goodbye to the Era of Test Strips, Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors are Here

In Canada, more than 3.4 million people have diabetes and 20% to 40% of adults do not know they have diabetes. The Canadian Diabetes Association estimates that by 2022, 6 million people in Canada will have diabetes. According to a survey, diabetes patients are terrified of being unable to track changes in their blood sugar levels at any moment and are even more afraid of unintentionally aggravating or alleviating their condition, with many disliking pricking their fingers for blood sugar readings. However, individuals may be able to get rid of this fear and anxiety by using continuous blood glucose monitors.

Traditional Blood Measurement Disadvantages 

While regular glucose monitoring via traditional blood glucose machines that uses test strips are also accurate, they are usually more cumbersome to use and can only report a few readings throughout the day, making it harder to map out your entire day’s glycemic profile and to detect spikes or dips in blood sugar as they happen from things such as ingesting food or exercising.

Benefits of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors

Accurate Glucose trend arrow and graph:

It makes it super easy to see the ups and downs in Glucose levels and to see how quickly the levels are changing. Results are accurate as well.

Convenient and easy to use:

Your glucose reading can be seen at any time by an easy scan by the monitoring device or your phone app. The information is uploaded and shared synchronously in real time and the information can be sent at any time to family members or your primary care physician.

Food and insulin notes:

This device makes it very easy to put notes to track food, insulin use, exercise schedules, and other events.

No more routine finger pricks:

As other traditional devices ask for routine use of needles, this device offers a painless scan to check blood glucose levels.

How do Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors Work

Step one: Install the sensor and stick the sensor to the back of the upper arm.

Step two: Use a mobile phone or a scanning detector to approach the sensor and scan it.

Step three: Get the data and get your glucose readings anytime, anywhere.

Freestyle Libre System

The FreeStyle Libre is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system that consists of a glucose sensor worn on the back of the upper arm and the FreeStyle LibreLink app. It is an accurate monitoring device that can steadily report accurate and consistent blood glucose readings for 14 days without pricking the finger or any other form of calibration. Freestyle Libre System is a tiny sensor that is often placed on the underside of your upper arm, which then measures the level of your interstitial glucose (the glucose found in the fluid between the cells). The sensor is connected to the transmitter and will send wireless signals to your phone through an app or a dedicated reader to report the blood sugar information in a readable form. The entire process takes no more than 1-3 seconds. The best part? Not a drop of blood was shed and no finger was hurt in the process.

Ditch the traditional blood glucose meters. Your sugar reading does not need to be a planned activity, but should be able to be conveniently done anytime, anywhere. You deserve the convenience and your finger deserves better. For more consultation or to make a purchase, please visit CRC Health Centre.

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